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The Stage at Darkside Records is the spot for unique, live events in the Hudson Valley. Our versatile stage, nestled in the corner of our 6,000 sq ft sales floor, hosts regular and special events, including live music, open mics, live podcast recordings, movie nights, coloring nights and flea markets, combining the intimacy of a nightclub with the ability to record and/or present your fans with a unique live experience. Our stage is always open to original, independent touring acts, especially if supporting the release of physical music. 

Stage specs: 
Our 256 sq. ft stage is located in the rear of our 6,000 sq. ft main sales floor and features a full PA and backline with standing room for an estimated ~400 attendees. 

We consign! 
Performing in-store or just putting out an CD, LP, 7" or tape but don't have a label or distributor yet? We do consignment! Bring by what you want to sell and speak to a manager to get set up. We recommend 3 copies to start out.

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Want to set up a show? 
We are a record store and not a venue. Our shows are free, non-ticketed (with special exceptions) on Friday/Saturday evenings during store hours. We’re happy to coordinate a range of live events like an 'album release/listening party’ or a “matinee” or “showcase” with a show at a local venue later in the evening (since ours wrap by 9pm), thats also totally cool with us. We don’t have a built in audience for live music and strongly suggest finding local support (especially if you’re not from the area) and it is crucial that you (the artist) do your own outside publicity/exposure for your event. We will promote as well and can direct you towards local media outlets if desired.

Backline Info
We have an in-house backline
 including an Ampeg SVT Classic Bass rig (400w), Pacific PDP Drums (shells mostly) and a Vox 100w 2x12 Guitar Amp. Our PA system features 2 powered mains (250 watts), a 32 channel mixing board with 1/4" direct and standard mic inputs, 2 powered monitors, 5 Shure SM-58 microphones, 4 DI boxes, and 4 boom microphone stands. Any additional/desired equipment you can bring or contact your label/distribution representative for the necessary arrangements. For touring bands, we also offer Password-protected wireless internet with separate public wifi hotspot, a Secure Production Office/green room with washroom (no shower, sorry!), Secure Merchandise area, and a Dedicated loading door next to stage for quick loading and VIP entry.

Setting up a live-stream? Want to record your performance? Want to go late-night? Need access to our green room? We are happy coordinate on additional features- just let us know ahead of time!

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