More than just music!

Music lovers come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether you're looking for turntables, books, gifts, incense or more- we're so much more than just vinyl! Below are some of the brands you can find in our brick and mortar location- please stop in to see our ever-expanding, extensive list of products for sale!

CBD Oils, Edibles & more

CBD skin care beauty products oil edibles THC cannabis poughkeepsie ny

The spot to purchase CBD oils, edibles, beauty products & more in Poughkeepsie NY! A safe, effective alternative to prescription painkillers, other toxic prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs that contain harsh chemical compounds. We stock a full line of beauty products, skin care products, creams, salves, oils and edibles that are specially formulated with soothing botanicals and include precise combinations of CBD from trusted brands including Green Roads, Kush Queen, Cannuka and Made From Dirt, including many non-GMO, Organic, cruelty-free and locally-sourced products. Stop in to see everything in stock or to talk to a staff member about what CBD products may be right for you!

T-Shirts & Apparel 

t-shirts shirts fashion apparel at darkside records poughkeepsie ny

Freshen up your closet with some new threads! We stock a range of new t-shirts featuring your favorite bands, brands and characters including metal, Punk, Rock, Hip-Hop and more. We even have vintage band t-shirts and hoodies (see more on depop and yes, we buy your old band shirts), socks, underwear and more fun apparel accessories. Stop in and see our t-shirt wall to see everything that's in stock! You can shop for our line of Darkside Records apparel online and see select vitage shirts in our depop store!

Books, Magazines & more 

books magazines biographies things to read at darkside records poughkeepsie ny

The perfect complement to a good album is a good book. You can find a range of music-focused things to read including select new releases, biographies of your favorite artists, 33 1/3 book series documenting the recording of your favorite albums, select trade paperbacks and graphic novels, even some hardcovers. You can also find your favorite music magazines- including Decibel, Mojo, and Prog. Ever rotating so there's always something new to check out, and let's face it, reading makes you sexy as hell.


incense at darkside records poughkeepsie ny

Set the mood. Popular all over the world with musicians, students and yoga studios! We are the Hudson Valley's destination for incense! Whether you're looking for shorties (3") or Biggies (12" long extra large incense), find dozens of your favorite premium quality fragrances, with the latest new scents arriving regularly including Wildberry, Nag Champa and more.

Enamel Pins and Patches 

polaroid camera film at darkside records poughkeepsie ny

Deck out your favorite clothes and bags with some fun enamel pins and patches! We always keep a fresh stock of new designs, so there'll always be something fun and new. See designs from NY local designers including Couples Therapy Co, Knee High Horror and Trippy Pins with their limited edition pieces (while supplies last). We also carry accessories including replacement pin backs, metal studs, spikes and more. And be sure to keep an eye out for #PatchAtEm, our quarterly enamel pin and patch-themed indoor flea market. Come in and let's get that battle vest something new.

Polaroid Cameras & Film 

polaroid camera film at darkside records poughkeepsie ny

Analog love right here. Inspired by the original Polaroid OneStep from 1977, capture meaningful moments in the world’s most iconic frame. redesigned for today- and available here. New Polaroid cameras feature High-quality lens (2 ft – ∞), USB-rechargeable battery, 60-day battery life, Powerful flash, Self-timer function and a Lighten/darken slider. We stock cameras and several types of Polaroid & Impossible Project film, including black & white, color, multiple color/shaped frames, third man exclusive film and more. Create a photo you can hold in the palm of your hand. Call to see everything we have in stock!

Want more? 

That's just a sample of some of the fun stuff you can find here at Darkside. Stop in to our brick and mortar location located at 611 Dutchess Tpk in Poughkeepsie to see everything available now!