Get all the latest news, commentary and comendy from either Darkside Records Podcast or Dorkside Podcast- our two monthly Podcasts for you to download/stream on iTunes, YouTube or your favorite podcast service! Recorded and produced right here at Darkside Records, featuring the staff of Darkside plus special guests, music and more fun. Join the conversation using #darksidepodcast on social media!

darkside records podcast

A monthly roundtable discussion of music, vinyl records, the music industry, and whatever else. The staff of Darkside Records gets together monthly to discuss new releases, cool promotions, live shows, music history and general industry goings-on. Over the course of the ~hour podcast, we flush out what's happening with all the humor and heart of a Judd Apatow bro-mance. Starring store staff Roberto Hull, Justin "JJ" Johnson, and John Bryan with executive Producer Erin Gladding, often featuring in-store live music recordings and interviews. Intro music by Dead Empires

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dorkside podcast

A monthly non-music podcast dedicated to all things nerdy, from our resident geeks, JB and Berto. The Dorkside Podcast is a new podcast starring JB and Berto discussing the latest news in geek and nerd culture- including movies, comic books, sci-fi, games and whatever else prevents them from getting laid. Follow Dorkside Podcast on twitter and send questions via their twitter page- @dorksidepod. Intro music by Dead Empires

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