Knitting Is Metal presents: Stitch N' Bitch Yarn Swap

Think knitting is just for grandmas? Think again! Darkside Records and Toni O present Knitting is Metal classes and Stitch Ní Bitch! All are welcome from beginners to experienced. Come hang out for a few hours, listen to music, and connect with other local knitters, and of course, get your knit on.

This is a special one! I am so excited to announce the Knitting is Metal Yarn Swap on July 2nd atDarkside Records!!

Here's how it works:
1. Bring yarn you want to get rid of. Please do not bring low end yarns like redh eart/ilove this yarn. new hands of medium-to-high end yarn are preferred. Caked yarn is ok too if you still have the labels. Mystery yarns/mostly used yarns should be considered freebies.
2. Check out what's up for grabs (6pm-7:30pm) Everyone will be destashing and bringing their own yarsn they want to de-stash. Give a squish and find your favorites.
3. Listen for your number (730pm) Participants will be randomly drawn to start picking from the table (max 2 pieces per turn). Once everyone has done a round, the drawings will start again until we're all done. The remianing Yarn will go back to its woner or donated for charity knits.
4. Enjoy your new yarn!

For the ten dollar entry fee you will be able to destash the stuff you don't want and walk away with a brand new collection of yarn! If you want to pre-register for the yarn swap (which helps me immensely so I can get a handle on how many are attending) please PayPal your registration toknittingismetal.comor register on my website.

I'm really excited and thankful to Darkside for hosting such a fun event. 🤘🏻🖤



6:00PM Darkside Records
Poughkeepsie, New York