1. Spectacular Ruin
2. The Form
3. Slay Rider
4. Reverse Speak
5. A Summertime Song
6. Ones and Zeros
7. Ergot
8. Designed to Disappear


First press of the 4th studio album from NY's Dead Empires on gold/black haze LP (this, 100 pressed) or regular black LP (200 pressed), also available on limited-edition digipak CD (200 pressed) as well as a limited edition cassette (50 Pressed).


"It’s angular and unpredictable, starting as a feedback loop punctuated by sniper shots of guitar screeches and exploding drums, morphing into a chugging locomotive of vitriol, then transforming into a soaring, cinematic, Mastodonian riff, and, after a brief interlude from an angelic chorus, finally settling on some mathcore-style chaos. This isn’t just schizophrenia for schizophrenia’s sake, though; impressively, each section of the song is better than the last." 

"It’s a stadium-worthy moment for a sound more commonly heard in basements. The same dichotomy presents itself in how the song moves from a sound indebted to skronky Northeast hardcore to a climax that shares melodic DNA with an Arianna Grande hit. Dead Empires are ready for the big time, and they’re going to bring the noise with them."