Cassette Store Day 2017 list

September 30, 2017 - Tapeheads around the world, Cassette Store Day 2017 returns Oct 14th! Cassette Store Day began in the United Kingdom in 2013 and quickly grew to become a global event with the participation of the United States, Japan, Germany and France. Through the efforts of CSD and the stores, labels, bands and fans involved worldwide we've helped keep what was once perceived as a dead format alive and viable in today's digital age!

Cassette Store Day 2017

This year's list features releases from artists around the world, both indie and megastars- including The White Stripes, American Football, Pentagram, Mephiskapeles, J Mascis, Juliana Hatfield, Paradise Lost, The Bouncing Souls Pvris, Dance Gavin Dance, and even two releases from our poughkeepsie local tape-only label, Queen City Tapes! We will be having a showcase from Queen City Tapes, a Poughkeepsie based tape label! Come hear free live music from Surmiser, Making Matters Worse, Womb Of Nations, plus giveaways and more!

RSVP on facebook for all the latest updates. In the meantime- here's the list of releases (as of 9/27)!


AMERICAN FOOTBALL- American Football EP (Polyvinyl Records)
PET SYMMETRY- Vision (Polyvinyl Records)
BEACH SLANG- We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang] (Polyvinyl Records)
BRENTON WOOD- Oogum Boogum (Burger Records)
BRENTON WOOD- Baby You Got It (Burger Records)
PENTAGRAM- Relentless (Peaceville)
PENTAGRAM- Curious Volume (Peaceville)
THE SLACKERS- Red Light (Jump Up)
THE SLACKERS- Wasted Days (Jump Up)
MEPHISKAPHELES- God Bless Satan (Jump Up)
THE TOASTERS- Dub 56 (Jump Up / Megalith)
THE TOASTERS- 2 Tone Army (Jump Up / Megalith)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Pressure Hop (Jump Up / Ska Brewing)
GREEN ROOM ROCKERS- Sweat Steady (Jump Up)
MARTIN SEXTON- Mixtape of the Open Road (KTR)
THE DRASTICS- MJ A Rocker (Jump Up)
DANNY REBEL- Boombox Sessions Vol 2 (Jump Up)
ROGER RIVAS & THE BROTHERS OF REGGAE- Last Goodbye / Autumn Breeze (Jump Up / Rivas Recordings)
NADU- Determinator (Independent/Unsigned)
NOT REALLY- Buy the Lie (Sleeping Goats Records)
WAXWOOD- Sahasrara (Styles Upon Styles)
PENTAGRAM- Review Your Choices (Season Of Mist)
PENTAGRAM- Sub-Basement (Season Of Mist)
BEYOND CREATION- The Aura (Season Of Mist)
IN SOLITUDE- In Solitude (Season Of Mist)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Neon Maniacs (featuring exclusive music from The Darling Buds, The Prissteens, Coachwhips, The Red Cords, Mr. Airplane Man, Zig Zags, and more) (Girlsville / Nerve Centre Records)
CHUCK N' LOCK- Rampage World Tour (Happy Camper Music)
PHANTOGRAM- Eyelid Movies (Barsuk Records)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Godless America Mixtape Vol. 4 (Godless America Records)
MEGABRETH- Ultra High Noise (Field Hymns Records)
COLLEEN- The Golden Morning Breaks (Beacon Sound)
COLLEEN- Les Ondes Silencieuses (Beacon Sound)
COLLEEN- Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique (Beacon Sound)
JULIANA HATFIELD- Pussycat (American Laundromat Records)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith (J Mascis, Julien Baker, Amanda Palmer, Juliana Hatfield, Tanya Donelly, Lou Barlow, Waxahatchee and more covering Elliott Smith) (American Laundromat Records)
THE CAULFIELD SISTERS (Say It With Fire) (American Laundromat Records)
VARIOUS ARTISTS- High School Reunion - A Tribute to Those Great 80's Films (American Laundromat Records)
SPACE JAM- (Early Morning / Late Afternoon) (Styles Upon Styles)
PLAYTONTO- Stead (The Horse We Want To Hang)
​​LOVE- Black Beauty (High Moon Records)
CURRENT JOYS- Me Oh My Mirror (Danger Collective Records)
CURRENT JOYS- 2013 (Danger Collective Records)
CURRENT JOYS- B-Sides, Rarities, and Demos (Danger Collective Records)
CURRENT JOYS- Wild Heart (Danger Collective Records)
CURRENT JOYS- Young Love / No One Will Dance / Neon Gold (Danger Collective Records)
AMERIGO GAZAWAY- Common Wonder (Amerigo Music / Groove)
AMERIGO GAZAWAY- Bizarre Tribe (Amerigo Music / Groove)
ADAM VOID- A Call to Ignite (Handmade)
LEECHES- ExoBirth (SpiderChild Records)
aramael- OldSchoolTape (Churchill Independent)
DR. MARTINO- Caving In (The Telegraph Recording Company)
SQUASHY NICE- All The Way (Loretta Records)
THE EROTICS- United We Can't Stand (Cacophone Records)
THERMO- Donde Estas? EP (Cintas)
MADISON BEER- Dead (Access Records)
THE NORTHERN TOUCH- Wasabi Tabe (Grime Shoppers)
YOUNG FRANCIS- Teenage Sensation E.P. (Pretty Cool! Records)
BILL FOREMAN- The Bliss-Chasers (General Ludd Music)
BEAT RHYTHM FASHION- Bring Real Freedom (Death Records)​
DISTANT MIRROR- Distant Mirror (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes)
ARC WAVES- the sound the circle (Campers' Rule Records)


No Sleep: DJ Clark Kent- Radio Mars 1989 (In conjunction with the book No Sleep. NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Even Auerbach) (No Sleep)
No Sleep: Duke Of Denmark- Live At Nell's 1990 (In conjunction with the book No Sleep. NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Even Auerbach) (No Sleep)
No Sleep: Frankie Knuckles- Radio Mars 1989(In conjunction with the book No Sleep. NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Even Auerbach) (No Sleep)
No Sleep: Kid Capri- Live At The Building 1990
Arc Waves- the sound the circle (Campers' Rule Records)
Beautiful Disco- Heavy Rotation (FUZZOSCOPE)
Problematic Jam- Stereonucleose (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes)
D.H. Phillips & Camerin Kelly- Wicked Game (Ambient Abuse Recordings)
Miss World- Waist Management EP (PNKSLM Recordings)
Sharkmuffin- Chartreuse (Little Dickman Records)
2015 Critically acclaimed full length "Chartreuse" only a few left (Limited edition cassette)
The Off White- Don't Take Kindly (Little Dickman Records)
Sharkmuffin/The Off White- Sharkmuffin/The Off White Split (Little Dickman Records)
Various Artists- Cat Shit Records Compilation '11-'17 (feat. Palest (CA) Adult Beverage (NM/CA) Inaniel Swims (FRANCE) No-Fi (CA) Deerling (CA) Nuzzzle (NM) Frontyards (PA) Fake Tides (CA) Gaza Strip Club (CA) Putamadre (CA) Lil Stanky Nug (CA) The Richards (CA)) (Leisure World Tapes)
Atrophy Manuscript- Setup The Upset (Norwegian Blue Records)
Clawman- Citizen Gorgeous (Imaginator Records)
Marvelous Liars- Marvelous Liars (Telegraph Recording Company)
Franklin Bruno- Home Recordings (Shrimper)
John Davis- El Pulpo (Shrimper)
Various- presents Bullshit Collector (Crazy & the Brains, Posers, Pushin' It 2 the Limit, Kicker, Droogettes, Hiccup, Rats in the Wall, Family Pet, Dronez, Dead Fucking Last & more) (Narmer Records /
HAWAII94- Evolve (Stratford Ct.)
Emapea- Seeds, Roots & Fruits (Cold Butsed)
The Deli- Vibes 3 (Cold Busted)
Poldoore- The Day After (Cold Busted)
Poldoore- The Day Off (Cold Busted)
Various Artists- Soul Slabs Volume 1 (Colemine Records)
Orgone- Undercover Mixtape (Colemine Records)
Various Artists- Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey (feat  Nottz, Ayatollah, M-Phazes, and Khrysis) (Coalmine Records)
Your Old Droog- PACKs (Fat Beats Records)
Various Artists- IWYMI Volume Eight (Cold Busted)
Various Artists- IWYMI Volume Nine (Cold Busted)
The White Stripes- The White Stripes (Third Man Records)
The White Stripes- White Blood Cells (Third Man Records)
The White Stripes- De Stijl (Third Man Records)
​​​LANZ- Hoferlanz I (Brassland)
Ohbliv- Lewse Joints VI (Ohbliv)
Ex-Girlfriends- You're Next (Little Dickman Records)
Various Artists- CSD 4 Labels / 4 Bands Vol.2 (Blade Records, Captian Crook Records, Endless Bummer Records and No Time Records)
Dance Gavin Dance- Mothership (Rise Records)
Pvris- White Noise (Rise Records)
CEANNE- Ukesteady (JUMP UP)
Future Teens- Hard Feelings (Take This To Heart Records)
Swordfish- Rodia (Take This To Heart Records)
Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness- Death Chants (Reissue) (Already Dead Tapes & Records)
Lost Boy ?- "Enter Sandman" EP (GP STRIPES)
Hamish Kilgour/Holy Tunics- Split (GP STRIPES)
Caffiends- Self-Titled / No Gods - No Decaf (No Time Records / Swamp Cabbage Records)
Pharoah Sanders- Pharaoh Sanders Quintet (Personal Affair)
Shit & Shine- Musica Lavapiatti (Artetetra)
Paradise Lost- Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos (Black Box) (SPV)
Sachem- Demo (Queen City Tapes)
Paradise Lost- The Plague Within (Ivory Cassette) (SPV)
Tiamat- The Atral Sleep (SPV)
Surmiser/Mister Blonde- Surmiser/Mister Blonde Split (Queen City Tapes)
El Vy- Return To The Moon (4AD)
Cailin Russo- September Rose (Botticelli Music)
Promweather- Down the Slipstream (Cream Over Misery)
Glyders- DIM (Dumpster Tapes)
Son of a Gun- Larry's Cookies (Dumpster Tapes)
Cupid Youth- CYEP (Dumpster Tapes)
SLOW SLOW TESTING- Repeat Machine (Banoffee Pies / Groove Dis)
Spa Moans- Obedient Vibrations Mixtape (Drop Medium)
Geo Metro- Ravage 2099 (Tiger Blood Tapes)
SLEEPINGONDRUGS- All Octopi Love Pizza Pie (Deadwax Records)
The Deep Freeze Mice- I Love You Little BoBo With Your Delicate Golden Lions (Plastic Response Records)
Ras_G- My Kinda Blues (Ghetto Sci-Fi Music)
​​Sigmund Washington- All My Mistakes Recorded (Paxico Records)
The Do-Its- Hang It Up b/w Talk To Me Cassingle (Otik Records)
Orange Cake Mix- At The Record Shop (Why The Tapes Play Records)
Malik Abdul-Rahmaan- Field Research Malaysia (Paxico Records)
Chris Hound- Rare Latin And African Grooves (Paxico Records)
Malik Abdul-Rahmaan & Chris Hound- Ethiopian Melodies (Paxico Records)
Halfbird- Loomings (SDM Records)
Peaer- Peaer (Tiny Engines)
Wild Pink- Wild Pink (Tiny Engines)
Adult Mom- Soft Spots (Tiny Engines)
Spirit of the Beehive- Pleasure Suck (Tiny Engines)
See Through Dresses- Horse of the Other World (Tiny Engines)
Strange Relations- Editorial You (Tiny Engines)
Eerie Gaits- Bridge Music (Tiny Engines)
Strange Ranger (fka Sioux Falls)- Daymoon (Tiny Engines)
Floral Print- Mirror Stages (Tiny Engines)
Club Night- Hell Ya (Tiny Engines)
The Blank Tapes- Collection 2003-2017 (California Records)
Bell Stray- Scribble the Pink (Wiener Records/Self-released)
Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord- "Dwell" b/w "Black Balloons" (Godless America Records)
melodram- The Rust Collectors (Slings & Arrows Music)
The Mightabins- Complete Discography (so far) (Mark's Mom's Garage Records)
FLYING VIPERS- The Shadow Tape (JUMP UP / Music ADD)
La Tene- Tardive/Issime (Astral Spirits)
The Hunters- Black Eyes (Sexy Sloth)
The Bouncing Souls- Simplicity (Rise Records)
McCafferty- Thanks. Sorry. Sure (Take This To Heart Records)

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