Yukon Black Sucker Punch, a Twin Peaks recap: Episode 18

September 6, 2017 - As anyone who's been in our store can probably tell, we are avid Twin Peaks fans. And as avid watchers, now that we're halfway through the new season we present to you a weekly Twin Peaks recap from our good friend and resident TP expert, Dan Aloisi. Dan guested on the last episode of Dorkside Podcast, which was dedicated to all things Twin Peaks.


But now through the end of the season, Dan will provide us with a wrap up for each episode full of his own wit and knowledge, in case you missed anything or want more insight. So without further ado, drink deep and descend as we present Black Yukon Sucker Punch!


Episode 18: What's your name?
Evil Cooper burns in the Black Lodge. Electricity. Philip Gerard makes a new Dougie. Where am I? Red door. Door bell. Jane-E opens and Sonny Jim runs up and hugs him. Home. Cooper in the woods with Laura. The night she dies. Same scene as episode 17. Silence. Chirps. She's gone. Wind. Scream. Woods. He can't help her. Back in the Black Lodge. Is it future or is it past? Gerard disappears. Empty chairs. No Laura. Motions to Cooper to come. Follows Gerard through the drapes. The arm. He sounds like this. Is it the story of the little girl who lived down the lane? Is it? Laura whispers in Cooper's ear. She screams and is pulled up and away. Cooper meets Leland. Find Laura. Again. Sad. Cooper walks away. He ripples the curtains. And is out at Glastonbury Grove. Diane is there. Is it you? Is it really? Yes. It's really me Diane. Is it really you? Yeah. Smile. There on the road. Silence. She looks at him and smiles. Power lines. She looks at him again. You sure you want to do this? You don't know what it's going to be like? I know. We're at that point now. I can feel it. Almost exactly 430 miles. Diane looks anxious. The car stops. Exactly 430 miles. Electricity. Think about it Cooper. He gets out of the car. Electricity. Power lines look like owl petroglyph. Deep breath. He gets back in the car. This is the place. Kiss me. Once we cross it could all be different. They kiss. Let's go. They drive forward. Electricity. Blur. Spark. Darkness. Dark road. Driving. Silence. Wind. Darkness ahead. Still silent. Motel. They pull in. Cooper goes into the office. Diane waits and sees herself. Cooper comes back out. He stands at the room door waiting. Diane gets out. They enter the room. She turns the light on. Turn off the light. What do we do now? You come over here to me. She goes to him. Diane. They kiss. My Prayer. The same song that was playing when the woodsman killed in episode 8. They make love. She can't look at him. He is emotionless. She covers his face. She looks up. Yearning for something else. Darkness. Daylight. Cooper is alone in bed. A different room. You have to go to sleep to end the dream and awake again. He calls for Diane. A note. Dear Richard. Richard and Linda. Don't try to find me. Whatever we had is over. Linda. A different motel. Palm trees. A different car. He looks back. And gets in the car. He drives off. Odessa. Entering the town of Odessa. Eat at Judy's. Coffee shop. He pulls in. Gets out of the car. Coffee. He enters the diner. Familiar but different. He sits. The waitress offers him coffee. Is there another waitress that works here? Yes. It's her day off. Actually her third day off. Men harass the waitress. Leave her alone! Cowboy approaches. Richard takes out all three cowboys. Some things never change. FBI. Put you gun on the ground. Sit down. He walks to the back with their guns. Write the address of the other waitress on a piece of paper. Where do you hang this? He drops the guns into the fry oil. I don't know if that oil is hot enough to set off those bullets, but I'd move away. He's got the address. It's ok he's with the FBI. Or is he? He leaves and drives off. What the fuck just happened? Richard drives down the street to the address on the piece of paper. Pole #6. Electricity. He walks toward the door. He knocks. Laura? Red hair Southern accent. Laura? You got the wrong house mister. I'm not her. What's your name? Carrie Page. The name Laura Palmer means nothing to you? I'm not her. Your father's name is Leland. Your mother's name is Sarah. It clicks. Fear. What's going on? It's very important. I want to take you to your home. I gotta get out of dodge. Where we going? Twin Peaks. Washington. D.C.? State. Let me get my things. Give me a minute. A body. Long hair. Protruding belly. Raised left hand. Extended ring finger. Something's never change. A white horse. On the mantle. Phone rings. Do I need a coat? Take one if you've got one. I'll get us some food on the way up. Let's go. They drive. Her hair looks blonde now. Are you really an FBI agent? Shows badge. Yes. Getting out of Odessa. Night. Driving. Silence. Headlights behind them. They both look nervous. Silence. Someone following us? Richard looks back. The car passes. She exhales and closes her eyes. Silence. A long road ahead. And a long road behind. Odessa. I tried to clean house. Keep everything organized. No way? Most days I was too young to know any better. Richard looks at her. Gas station. They walk back to the car. They drive off. Back on the road. Silence. Tears in her eyes? Welcome to Twin Peaks. A bridge. The RR Diner. Recognize anything? No. The car stops. Recognize that house? No. They get out and walk up to he door. Slowly. She takes his hand. Hesitation. He knocks. She looks quizzical. Like the Lodge. He knocks again. A woman answers. Yes? FBI. I'm special agent dale cooper. Is Sarah Palmer here? No one by that name. Do you own or rent? We own. Who did you buy it from? She asks someone. Chalfont. Mrs. Chalfont. Who did she buy it from? No. What is your name? Alice Tremont. Sorry to bother you. Good night. They walk away. Slowly. He stops. She stops. He turns around and looks at the house. So does she. He looks down at the ground. Thinking. What year is this? She tries to think too. She looks at the house. And hears "Laura". Fear. Recognition. Scream. Lights out in the house. Flash. Black. She whispers in his ear in the Lodge. Frozen. So am I.


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