Yukon Black Sucker Punch, a Twin Peaks recap: Episode 17

September 5, 2017 - As anyone who's been in our store can probably tell, we are avid Twin Peaks fans. And as avid watchers, now that we're halfway through the new season we present to you a weekly Twin Peaks recap from our good friend and resident TP expert, Dan Aloisi. Dan guested on the last episode of Dorkside Podcast, which was dedicated to all things Twin Peaks.


But now through the end of the season, Dan will provide us with a wrap up for each episode full of his own wit and knowledge, in case you missed anything or want more insight. So without further ado, drink deep and descend as we present Black Yukon Sucker Punch!


Episode 17: The Past Dictates The Future
South Dakota. Gordon couldn't do it. Gone soft. Not where it counts. To the bureau. Now listen to me. Kept something from Albert for 25 years. Major Briggs told him of Jau Dae, Judy. Cooper, Briggs and Jeffries all disappear. Find Cooper if he disappears. 2 birds with one stone. Ray was an informant. Prison Cooper looking for coordinates from Briggs. He's sorry he could tell Albert. He knows he understands but still sorry. Agent Headley found Douglas Jones. Message from Dougie for Gordon. Headed for Sheriff Truman. 253 in Las Vegas, adds up to 10 the number of completion. Dougie is Cooper?! A Blue Rose case most definitely. Pack it up. Twin Peaks sheriff station. All asleep. But Chet. Drunk wakes. Electricity. Evil Copper drives. Naido sleeps and chirps. James and Freddy stir. Naido wakes the drunk mimics. Chet is frustrated. Great Northern. Ben Horne gets a call from Wyoming. About Jerry. Binoculars killed somebody. Jerry was completely naked. Electricity. Jack Rabbits Palace. Smoke. Light. Mr. C approaches. A sycamore tree. A wow. A portal. Lightning. He's gone. In a cage. The White Lodge. Briggs head. The giant floats. Palmer house. A shift. Mr. C is an orb. Through the tube. To Twin Peaks Sheriff Station. Naido stirs. What is this? Andy calls to him. Agent Cooper is that you? It is you! Naido barks and chirps. What's going on? The drunk is out. Chet goes to his shoe. Opens the heal. A key. Everyone's going to be happy to see Cooper. Lucy is excited. Sheriff Truman. Frank Truman. Come into the office. Andy remembers. Chet picks the lock. Goes to the locker room. A seat for Cooper. No coffee for Cooper?! Naido is louder. Cooper Cooper. In the flesh. Chet gets a gun. Andy to Lucy very important. Chet lurks. The drunk pulls off his wire. Chet pulls the gun on good cop Andy. Freddy punches the door with his hulk hand. Phone rings. She's shocked. Who?! A call for Truman. Agent Cooper! The real one. Harry it's Coop. At the city limits. Guns drawn. Lucy shoots Mr. C! Andy's got to get everyone upstairs. Don't touch the dead one. Lucy understands cellular phones now. Mr. C lays there. What the hell? That is Agent Cooper. It's not. Darkness in the room. The woodsmen fix Mr. C. Blood. Agent Cooper races into the station. Flashes and smoke. The woodsman fade in and out. Shake. An orb emerged. BOB! Attacks Agent Cooper. Are you Freddy? His destiny. He fights BOB. Fire! BOBs not done. Freddy shatters BOB. You did it Freddy. Agent Cooper puts the ring on Mr. C. He disappears. One for the grandkids. The ring is in the Lodge. Room key to room 315. Sheriff Truman would have it. Cooper looks at Naido. Frozen. His image is frozen. Bobby enters. Major Briggs was well aware. Cole arrives. Where we are today. Something's will change. The past dictates the future. Good thing we made so many sandwiches. Give my regards to Harry. Cooper and Naido touch hands. A Tulpa. The Black Lodge. Diane. The real Diane. Cooper smiles. Phew. They kiss. Cooper the one and only. Do you remember everything? Yes. 253 again and again. We live inside a dream. I hope I see all of you again. Darkness. Coop and Diane and Gordon walk. The image of Cooper dissolves. The Great Northern boiler room. The key fits. Coops going don't follow. He hugs Diane. Shakes Gordon's hand. He opens the door. See you at the curtain call. Closes door. One armed man. Through the darkness of future past...fire walk with me. They walk through the Woods. In the connivence store. Up the stairs. The jumping man! The motel. Philip the tea kettle. Be specific. Feb 23 1989. It's slippery. Good to see you Cooper. Gordon will remember the unofficial version. This is where you'll find Judy. The owl petroglyphs. Infinity. Opposition. Movement back. You can go in now. Remember electricity. Black and white. The fan. Laura meets James. Her last night alive. Cooper is there. Watching. Laura sees Cooper and screams. The scene plays out as it did. Your Laura disappeared, there's just me now. What about this James? They kiss. She's motionless. He takes her home. She jumps off the bike. Don't! Don't! I love you James!! She runs off into the woods. James goes. Leo, Ronette and Jacque wait. Laura meets Cooper. Who are you? Do I know you? I've seen you in a dream. In a dream. Cooper extends his hand. She takes it. Laura's body on the shore. Disappears. Color. Where are we going? We're going home. They walk. Josie in the mirror. Pete and Catherine. Gone fishin'. Scene 1 Episode 1. But it never happened. Palmer house. Wails, moans and electricity. Sarah. Grabs Laura's picture. Smashes it. It can't be destroyed. Cooper and Laura in the woods. They walk. Silence. Chirps. She's gone away. Scream. Cooper is silent. Woods. Wind. Red. Curtains. The Roadhouse. Love Don't Go Away. Julee Cruise.


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