Yukon Black Sucker Punch, a Twin Peaks recap: Episode 15

August 21, 2017 - As anyone who's been in our store can probably tell, we are avid Twin Peaks fans. And as avid watchers, now that we're halfway through the new season we present to you a weekly Twin Peaks recap from our good friend and resident TP expert, Dan Aloisi. Dan guested on the last episode of Dorkside Podcast, which was dedicated to all things Twin Peaks.


But now through the end of the season, Dan will provide us with a wrap up for each episode full of his own wit and knowledge, in case you missed anything or want more insight. So without further ado, drink deep and descend as we present Black Yukon Sucker Punch!


Episode 15: There is some fear in letting go
Trees and mountains. Twin Peaks. Nadine walks with a shovel. Proud. To Big Ed's Gas Farm. She's come to tell him something. She's changed. She loves him so much. She's been a selfish bitch he's been a saint. Keeping him and Norma apart. She's fine now. Wants him to be free. She's shoveling her way out. She's so happy thinking of them being happy. True love is giving the other what they need to be happy. This is how she really feels. Dr. Amp tells it like it is. Ed is free. Go and enjoy. Nadine walks away. Ed is filled with emotion. Double R. Otis Redding on the box. Ed rushes in. Tells Norma. She's so sorry, Walter's here. She sits with Walter. Ed also sits. Cup of coffee and a cyanid tablet. Norma is exercising her option. She wants to spend more time with family. Ed meditates. Norma wishes Walter the best of luck. She's happy with just one diner. Walter exits. Ed smiles in meditation. Norma's hand on his shoulder. They kiss. Shelley looks on. Smiles. Otis sings. I love you with all my heart. The mountains sing as does the sky. Electricity. Wires. Dark road. A car drives. Headlights shine. Mr. C. Darker. The convenience store. A woodsman waits. Up the stairs. They flicker. Gone. Through the trees. The room. The picture Laura kept on her wall. Mr. C looking for Philip Jeffries. Flash. Spark. Follow the woodsman. Down the hall. Through the trees. A staircase. The one Gordon saw. All black. Up the stairs. To a room. A door. The rooftop? A motel? Another world? Room 8. Walk up to the door. Mr. C turns. A woman. She walks up. Backwards. She'll unlock the door for him. She opens the door. Mr. C enters and closes the door. A hum. Flicker. A blank wall. Pulls back like a curtain. A pod. Smoke. The white Lodge? Jeffries speaks. He sent Ray to kill C. He doesn't have C's number. Someone else called him 5 days ago. Not going to talk about Judy. 1989. He is Cooper. Who is Judy? Ask Judy your self. Numbers in smoke. Coordinates. Flicker. Who is Judy? He's already met Judy. Phone rings. Who is Judy? Just a wall again. Picks up phone. Electricity. Back outside. Lawman pose. Richard with a gun. C is FBI. My mom had your picture. C disarms him. Get in the truck we'll talk on the way. Las Vegas to Unknown. Drive off. Spark flash electricity smoke spark electricity dark trees fading fading trees. All black. Green trees. Running water. In the woods. A Boston Terrier and his owner. Steven with a gun and Gert. He did do it. Gert says that "she" did it and Steven didn't do anything. He's stoned. He's a high school graduate. He loads the clip. Loads the gun. Gotta end it. No. Tree out of focus. Out of focus. Murmur. He shakes. Turquoise. So small in the forest. He rambles she sobs. The man and his dog. Hide the gun. Gert runs away. Bang! She recoils. No. No. No. She stares into the forest canopy. The trailer park. Man and dog go see Carl. Points at Steven's trailer. Roadhouse. ZZ Top plays. Everyone dances and drinks. James and Hulk hand. Good to see you Renee. James has a death wish? He's just trying to be polite. Chuck punches James. Hulk hands hits Chuck. The record skips. Chuck is not doing too good. Foaming at the mouth. His eyes roll around. Las Vegas. FBI. Douglas Jones ready for questioning. Kids plural?! Wilson!! Assistant. Roger get in here. Heard from Anthony? Gun shots. Chantal. Roger dead. Assistant moans. She finishes the job. French fries. Twin Peaks jail. James and Hulk hands get locked up. The drunk repeats and Chad is annoyed. Naido sits. James is bewildered. She clucks. The drunk repeats. Chantal and Hutch eat fast food and discuss being paid government assassins. And torture. She hates little ketchup packs. He got her desert though. Mars. Dougie gets his chocolate cake from Jane-E. She watches him eat. Delicious. All our dreams are coming true. True. Jane-E leaves. Dougie eats. Moves pepper shaker. Touches remote. Eats. Touches remote. Eats. Touches remote. TV on. The old team. Get Gordon Cole. Dougie remembers. Frozen. Electricity. The outlet. With fork on the floor crawls toward the outlet. Tongs up. Doesn't fit. Other end. Spark! Flash. Scream. Mom what was that? Log Lady's house. She calls Hawk. She's dying. I'm sorry Margaret. Death is just a change not an end. It's time. There's some fear. Remember what I told you. Can't say more. But he knows. Face to face. Watch to that one. Under the moon. On blue pine mountain. My log is turning gold. The wind is moaning. I'm dying. Goodnight Hawk. Goodnight Margaret. Good-bye Margaret. Hawk sits. The moon. Crescent. Clouds. The wind. Conference room. Truman sits. Hawk intercomed. Bobby Andy and Lucy. Tells them Margaret has died. Trees. Log Lady's house. The lights go out. Audrey and Charlie still bickering about going out to the Roadhouse. She won't put her coat on. She talks about Billy. I am Charlie and he is Billy. Bicker. Bicker. Bicker. She's never seen him as she sees him now. Who are you Charlie? He takes off his coat. She attacks him. She hates him. Roadhouse. Fuzz. Bikers. Lonely girl. She's waiting for someone. They put her down sitting on the floor. Everyone dances. She crawls on hands and knees. Crying. Into the crowd. She looks around as she crawls through the people. Scream. Flash. Flash. In memory of Margaret Lanterman. In memory of Catherine Coulson.


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