Yukon Black Sucker Punch, a Twin Peaks recap: Episode 13

August 7, 2017 - As anyone who's been in our store can probably tell, we are avid Twin Peaks fans. And as avid watchers, now that we're halfway through the new season we present to you a weekly Twin Peaks recap from our good friend and resident TP expert, Dan Aloisi. Dan guested on the last episode of Dorkside Podcast, which was dedicated to all things Twin Peaks.


But now through the end of the season, Dan will provide us with a wrap up for each episode full of his own wit and knowledge, in case you missed anything or want more insight. So without further ado, drink deep and descend as we present Black Yukon Sucker Punch!


Episode 13: What Story is that, Charlie?
Law man statue. 8-bit jungle conga line party. Anthony looks worried and hides. Gifts for Battlin' Bud. Gratitude. Monte Cristo #2. A set of monogrammed diamond cufflinks. And keys to a brand new BMW. He and Dougie make a pair. The conga continues. Anthony calls Mr. Todd. One day to remedy the problem. Mr. Todd calls Roger. A knock for Mrs. Jones. Sonny's new swing set and a new BMW courtesy of the Mitchum Brothers. She is overjoyed. A dreamland for Sonny. She thought the worst. Look at what you've done. Seventh heaven. Love so much. So. much. Western Montana. Mr. C rolls in. Ray. Didn't kill him too good. Mr. C is trapped. Elevator up. Put the gun away Ray. I came to see my friend Ray. A new contestant. Arm wrestle. No one can beat him. All the men who've tried in 14 years. You lose, he's your boss. Or you die. What is this kindergarten, nursery school. If I win. I want Ray. Let's play the game. Tough guys and an accountant. They sit. Stare. Wrestling arm on table. Hands up. Grip. Commence. Mr. C is almost over. He's not even trying. Starting positions. Toying. Back to start. More comfortable. It hurt my arm down here. But really hurt down here. Toying again. Doesn't it hurt your arm. Back to start. More comfortable. Broken arm. Broken nose. Silence. Mr. C gets Ray. Wants cell phones. Need privacy. Mr. C glares at Ray. Shoots him in the leg. Now we can talk. You need any money? No. Accountant leaves. Somebody hired you? Who is it? Through Philip Jeffries. Set the whole prison thing up. Why? Mr. C's got something inside. Easy to the pocket. Pulls out the ring. Where did you get that?! From a guard. Put on the ring. Ring finger left hand. You know what I want. Coordinates. You think I'm going to give them to you? Can you trust the numbers? I know who you are. Richard? Looks like he recognizes Mr. C. Daddy? Where's Philip Jeffries? At the Dutchman. Shot. I know what it is. Ring disappears. Back to the Black Lodge. Ray is in the Lodge now. The ring is reset. Las Vegas police. Sunday dinner with Mom. Hope there are no murders. Giggles. Screams from the next room. Got the prints on Douglas Jones. Escaped from prison in South Dakota and is a missing FBI Agent. Anthony enters looking for Detective Clark. Needs to know a good poison. Somebody is on to them. He's cracking. I'll call Mr. Todd. Chantal and Hutch. Utah. No liquor no coffee no coca-cola. No sex until married, but many after. I guess it's the drinks. Jane-E loves Dougie and her new BMW. She smiles whimsical as he gets out and goes to work. Anthony sees Dougie. Walk into glass door. Studies him for a bit. Smiles. Good morning Dougie. How's a nice cup of coffee? Co-ffee! Big sigh. Dougie stares off. Goes to the...cherry pie!! Anthony sees his opportunity. Poisons the coffee. Feels uncomfortable. Cherry pie and coffee. Anthony stares off. Dougie (literally) pressures Anthony. Anthony cracks. Breaks down. Runs off. Dougie with cherry pie and coffee. Anthony is a blubbering mess. He's so sorry. RR Diner. Shelley gets a call from Becky. Steven never came home for 2 nights. Something bad she can feel it. Come down for cherry pie! It's a cure all! So we can talk. Anthony and Dougie in Bushnell's office. Anthony confesses. Confess. Selling them down the river. Working for Todd. Old news to Mullins. You were my friend. He's so ashamed. Are you prepared to testify against Duncan Todd? I only want to die or change. Make things right again. Worse than Todd. I'm not asking Anthony. Dougie saved my life. Thank Dougie. Thank you. RR at night. Bobby has the usual. Big Ed! Hey, Norma. No good eating alone, Bobby. What's new, Deputy? Some of my Dad's stuff. Norma's got a new man? She's franchised out! Norma's Double R! She's turning a profit. Except the flagship. Recipes are not being followed? Natural organic made with LOVE! Change the name? Tweak for profitability. She's the face. On for dinner? Poor Ed. Silent drapes. Nadine. Pick up truck squeals and the bell rings. Dr. Jacoby! Can I call you Dr. Amp? I love your show so much! My tribute to you. I'm starting to shovel my way out. I remember you looking for a potato. Big storm that day. Palmer house. Boxing. Frizzled distortion loop. Sarah drinks. She goes out. Sits. Goes out again. Audrey. What did she say? Go to the Roadhouse. Is she on drugs? End her story? What story? The little girl who lived down the lane? This scene is again arduous. Help me Charlie, it's like Ghostwood here. Ladies and Gentlemen! James Hurley!! Just you. and I. Together forever. In love. So beautiful. So wonderful. Slightly flat, sadness? None of those women are Donna or Laura...I think one might be Sarah Huckabee Sanders?....no blinking. Crying. Big Ed. Soup. Contemplation. Fire.


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