Yukon Black Sucker Punch, a Twin Peaks recap: Episode 12

August 1, 2017 - As anyone who's been in our store can probably tell, we are avid Twin Peaks fans. And as avid watchers, now that we're halfway through the new season we present to you a weekly Twin Peaks recap from our good friend and resident TP expert, Dan Aloisi. Dan guested on the last episode of Dorkside Podcast, which was dedicated to all things Twin Peaks.


But now through the end of the season, Dan will provide us with a wrap up for each episode full of his own wit and knowledge, in case you missed anything or want more insight. So without further ado, drink deep and descend as we present Black Yukon Sucker Punch!


Episode 12: "Let's Rock"
Mayfair Hotel. Gordon stocks wine and listens, ignore the strange man. To the Bureau. In 1970 Blue Book shut down. No credible evidence. Massive cover up. Blue Rose Task Force an alternate path. Jeffries, Desmond, Rosenfield and Cooper. Albert is the last. Until Tammy. She's in. A toast to the Blue Rose. Diane's on her way. Silence. Through the red curtains. Vodka on the rocks. Deputize Diane. What's in it for me? Puts out cigarette. Whoosh...Let's Rock. Jerry runs through a field. Sarah Palmer goes shopping for vodka and Bloody Mary mix. A carton of Salems, please. Stares at the jerky. Doesn't remember seeing that jerky before. Turkey not beef. Is it smoked? Were you here when they first came? Your room seems different and men are coming. You have to watch out! Things can happen! Something happened to me! I don't feel good! I don't feel good. Stop doing this Sarah! Get the keys! "I know where she lives. I can deliver them to her.", said the overachieving check out boy. Fat Trout Trailer Park. 9:30 Never Before!!! Been selling your blood again? Do you do work around here? Do you get paid for that? Here's $50 and don't pay me rent this month. You've given enough. Keep your blood. Bird? Owl? Flies over Dougie's house. Dougie's back. Gonna have a catch with Sonny...so much for that. Oh, Dougie. Laura's theme. Palmer house. Sheriffs Department truck rolls up. Palmer lawn is a dead mess. Hawk walks to front door. Ceiling fan. Not good. Knock. Sarah answers him abruptly. Worried about what happens in the grocery store. Bottles rattle. Is someone in the house? No. Just something in the kitchen. You're ok then? Sarah's response gives me the chills. A goddamned bad story isn't it Hawk? Sarah looks disturbed. Thanks Hawk. Miriam is in the Hospital. Diane drinks a martini. Checks her phone. Las Vegas? They haven't asked yet. Ben Horne at his desk. I guess that ringing stopped, huh? Sheriff Truman to see him. Tells him about Richard, the accident and Miriam. Richard has never been right. Sorry for the news. Harry knows about Richard. Ben lost contact with Richard when he wouldn't give him more money. I was going to send this to Harry. The key here. Room 315. Agent Cooper's old room. Harry would like to have it. So would this Sheriff Truman. Strange the key shows up while they're just opening a case involving Agent Cooper, huh. A key for Harry. Frank leaves Beverly enters. Richard never had a father. Ben remembers riding an old Schwinn. Two tone green. So hard to ride but I loved that bike, I'd ride with my friends. Pay for all of Miriam's medical expenses. Ben loved that bike, that his father got for him. Gordon entertains a lady. Knock. Albert. Time for Gordon's guest to go. Jacket. Adjustment. Heels. Leg. Tres chic! Compact. Lipstick. Gordon is enamored. A sip of wine. It's a good one! Ogle. Escorted by hand to the door. A kiss to her finger to his lips. Call you at the bar. A joke. A silence. What is it Albert? Message to and from Diane. What haven't we asked her about? Back to the fine Bordeaux. Albert sometimes I really worry about you. A house at night. A van. The killing of the warden. Silencer. No time for torture, hungry. Warden comes home. The eye in the scope. One shot. Click. Two shots. Done. Boy comes out. Daddy!! Next stop Wendy's! Van drives off. The moon in the mist. Dr. Jacoby's trailer. Dr. Amp doing the vamp. Once again. Shovel your way out. Nadine watches again. It's working for her. Gold shovel. 2 coats, guaranteed. He rants. Sold down the river to die. Treasonous puppets. Audrey!!!! In silence. A man a desk a pout. She's going to the Roadhouse. Looking for Billy. The man's got work. Go in the morning. Spineless, no balls, loser. She relentlessly goes at him. He's her husband. Who cares. Look Charlie, you have no balls. That's why she loves Billy. Dreams harken a truth. Billy's bleeding in her dream. Gotta find Tina too, the last to see Billy. Sign the papers. Something's fishy. Maybe I should call Paul? She'd go back on their contract. He'll go with her. Get your jacket, asshole. He'll call Tina now. See what she knows. Chuck is certifiable. Chuck told that Tina was the last to see Billy. Chuck stole Billy's truck. Billy called the sheriff. Is "Chuck", Richard? Audrey's son? Charlie and Tina on the phone. This scene is endless...painfully endless. Who are all these people? Oh my goodness. Thank you, Tina. Sorry to call so late. Unbelievable what you're telling me. Such an endless scene. Hang up the phone! Silence. Charlie isn't going to tell Audrey. Charlie!! Mayfair Hotel. Vacuuming. Diane smokes. Vodka on the rocks. Checks phone. Map. Photo memory. Ruth's arm. Co-or-din-ates+2. Zoom in. Zoom in. Twin Peaks. Vacuum hum. The wind rushes. The trees blow. Something in the dark distance. Roadhouse. Two women toast with Heineken (fuck that shit!) Where's Angela? She might be with Clark. Clark and Mary. Angela hates her. Practically making out over in the corner off in their own world. Clark's spreading it around. Angela's off her meds now. Guy almost got killed on his way over. He'd kill the guy who did that. Lucky to be alive. The drama of the world. No love. Death and meds and stress and lies. No rock.


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